12980790_xl (1)We don’t think you’ll find a better OB/GYN billing service. We’ve increased take-home income for every practice we serve, and our clients rave about us. Here’s how we do what we do:

We’re Ob/Gyn Billing Experts:
Our billers have years and years of OB/GYN experience, and we continously invest in training.
We pool our knowledge across numerous OB/GYN clients to maximize your reimbursements.
Our proprietary payer rules engine minimizes denials and maximizes reimbursements by flagging claim data against known or changed payer rules and reimbursements for CPTs/ICD9s.

Dedicated Insurance Follow-up Team:
We recover 10% to 20% more than in-house billers and other billing companies.
Follow-up is the most difficult part of billing. It requires time, persistence, proactive attention, and good A/R analytics to flag potential A/R issues before they become problems.
Our follow-up teams spend hours and hours on the phone daily with insurance companies. That’s what it takes to maximize reimbursements.

100% Transparency:
Our web-based system gives you real-time access to everything we’re doing on your accounts. Monitor our performance anytime, look up a patient balance in 2 mouse clicks, get an up-to-the-minute view of your A/R, or see where all your superbills are in our processing queue.
We provide every customer with a dedicated account team, and we answer and return calls promptly.

We Educate you:
Specific billing/coding actions you can take to maximize income.

We run a tight ship:
Every superbill/EOB processed within 36 hours – this eliminates payer time-out denials, increases patient collections, and maximizes your cash flow.

Superior web-based technology:
Direct online access to our billing system – monitor our performance anytime.
Web-based Appointment scheduling, document management available.
Direct online access to our online document management system for faxed/scanned superbills.