Whether you are starting a brand new practice or would just like to improve reimbursements to your existing practice, Ob/Gyn Billing consultants services dedicated team of credentialing experts can assist you with what some consider the headache of building and managing a practice, credentialing.

Whether you are looking to get your Medicare/PTAN number, or just need to get on a particular private carrier plan, our team of experts have the knowledge base to assist you in this time consuming and often confusing process. Unlike many of our competitors we offer an easy to follow process with unmatched customer support.

Credentialing and recredentialing can be a major headache for many medical practices. The process can be tedious, time-consuming and frustrating. Further, most offices do not have the staffing to dedicate one employee to the entire process. Should the medical office fall behind in recredentialing duties with individual health-plans then there is a great likelihood that the physician will be decredentialed from the plan. The causes not only a denial of claims, but the physician usually is required to revert back to the credentialing process. This is much more time consuming that recredentialing and will provide a serious interuption in service for patients

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