The Billing of OB/GYN services can be complex. Whether it is determining the global obstetrical package for a private payor, billing for a urinealysis for a medicare patient or ensuring that surgical assists for a medicaid patient getting a hysterectomy are properly reimbursed. This is a specialty that requires a keen medical billing eye and an acute attention to detal. OB/GYN Billing consultants services can ensure these needs are met.

More and more, female patients are opting to use their OB/GYN physician as something of primary care physician. This means that in addition to visits for pap smears, prenatal counseling and IUD Insertions, the billers for OB/GYN physicians may also see the occasional rapid strep test, back pain or depression diagnosis. Knowing how to properly bill a variety of both CPT and ICD codes in order to maximize physician revenue is essential in the selection of a comptetent OB/GYN billing service.

There are many exceptional services within OB/GYN arena that require an experienced biller in OB/GYN only. For instance, the pregnant patient that transfers to another practitioner in her third trimester after receiving substantial prenatal services. or, perhaps the patient who has a tubal ligation at the same time as her repeat cesarean section. Capturing all billables while submitting a clean claim the first time around will be the key to a successful billing services for any OB/GYN. OB/GYN Billing consultants has many years of OB/GYN experience to understand how to properly bill for these special circumstances that are presented to our clients.

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